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Hydrangea Tip

I’m looking forward to the next week of temps in the 50s and cleaning up my garden once and for all before it is covered in snow. If you are doing the same, remember: DO NOT cut hydrangeas back, as they bloom on old wood. So, to maximize blooms, leave hydrangeas alone until spring. There you go–one task you can put… Continue reading Hydrangea Tip

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Fall-Cleaning Beats Spring-Cleaning

I just finished cleaning a client’s front yard by weeding, edging, mulching and adding some fabulous new plants. I am working on my own yard this week doing the same, as I prepare to host a progressive dinner party we donated to our kids’ school auction. I am realizing as I work how beneficial it is to do… Continue reading Fall-Cleaning Beats Spring-Cleaning

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Spring Forward

Wave goodbye to winter with a little spring-cleaning — in your garden that is. I couldn’t have asked for better weather for doing just that this past weekend. Here are some tips for waking up your garden in the spring: Do overseed your lawn and put some grass seed down. Spring and fall are the best times… Continue reading Spring Forward