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Bringing the George Costanza Fanny Pack Back from the ’90s

So, what’s a gardener who gardens for her profession, passion and lifeline to do when she discovers she has a pretty severe allergy to bees? A.  Have a panic attack, or several? B.  Have a nervous breakdown? C.  Have a midlife crisis? D.  Become a total shut-in, an agoraphobic? E.  Never go outside again? F.… Continue reading Bringing the George Costanza Fanny Pack Back from the ’90s

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Spring Forward

Wave goodbye to winter with a little spring-cleaning — in your garden that is. I couldn’t have asked for better weather for doing just that this past weekend. Here are some tips for waking up your garden in the spring: Do overseed your lawn and put some grass seed down. Spring and fall are the best times… Continue reading Spring Forward

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Overcoming clay soil

So you have clay soil, either because you live in Indiana or because you have new construction and your builders left you with compacted clay soil with a dusting of topsoil.  What to do?  Plant natives. Try these natives I learned about on a recent Wisconsin Gardener show:  compass plant, prairie dock, Bergamot, big bluestem (ornamental grass),  ox-eye sunflower, yellow coneflower,… Continue reading Overcoming clay soil