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Overcoming clay soil

So you have clay soil, either because you live in Indiana or because you have new construction and your builders left you with compacted clay soil with a dusting of topsoil.  What to do?  Plant natives.

Try these natives I learned about on a recent Wisconsin Gardener show:  compass plant, prairie dock, Bergamot, big bluestem (ornamental grass),  ox-eye sunflower, yellow coneflower, rattlesnake master.

Natives are great for clay soil as they actually break through the clay and in time turn the top layers into organic matter and improve your soil.

Added bonus: praire plants or natives = a lot of insects = happy birds.

One thought on “Overcoming clay soil

  1. I planted tulips once in clay soil and they rotted. My garden expert replaced bulbs and told me to put some sand in bottom of hole for drainage. They grew well after that.

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