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December is no excuse. Treat yourself to more flowers.

Thrilled to be announcing that I will be offering for the first time a Winter Flower Share. A few of my Summer Flower Share members requested flowers in winter, saying they wanted flowers around just as much if not more in the winter than in the summer. Flowers can be picked up or delivered at… Continue reading December is no excuse. Treat yourself to more flowers.

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Tip of the Day

Hate to say good-bye to summer? Me too!  Today I will be bringing summer indoors for the winter by taking cuttings of my favorite annuals.  Specifically, I must get cuttings of Persian shield and fishnet-stockings coleus and King Kong coleus.  Once I get those covered, I might take cuttings of all the varieties of coleus,… Continue reading Tip of the Day


Recipe for a Beautiful Winter Pot

Supplies for One Pot Pot Potting soil Four 5- to 6-foot branches of white birch Rubberbands, preferably clear Evergreens: cedar, pine, fir, juniper Manzanita, dogwood, or some other sort of twiggy, good-looking branches One set of twig lights Winterberry branches Directions 1.  Make sure your pot is full of loose, soft, potting soil; it can… Continue reading Recipe for a Beautiful Winter Pot