Recipe for a Beautiful Winter Pot

Supplies for One Pot


Potting soil

Four 5- to 6-foot branches of white birch

Rubberbands, preferably clear

Evergreens: cedar, pine, fir, juniper

Manzanita, dogwood, or some other sort of twiggy, good-looking branches

One set of twig lights

Winterberry branches


1.  Make sure your pot is full of loose, soft, potting soil; it can be last season’s soil.

2.  Stick in and secure white birch branches into a tepee shape and secure with rubberbands.

3.  Add all evergreens, starting with pine, juniper and fir and ending with cedar.

4. Add branchy twigs of choice.

5.  Add twig lights.

6.  Last, add the winterberry branches. Be careful, as the berries are the best part and fall off easily

Voilà! You have a beautiful pot that will keep your dark days merry and bright for many, many months.

Note:  This pot is very costly to make, but almost everything can be carried forward to the next year, making it more of a one-time investment.  You could also consider buying faux winterberries. Pottery Barn had the best faux winterberries. Or do what Mel’s Green Garden is planning to do and grow your own for cuttings. Then the birds enjoy them all winter, too.  I was grateful my mother-in-law brought me some from her Rhode Island garden.

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