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Tip of the Day

Hate to say good-bye to summer? Me too!  Today I will be bringing summer indoors for the winter by taking cuttings of my favorite annuals.  Specifically, I must get cuttings of Persian shield and fishnet-stockings coleus and King Kong coleus.  Once I get those covered, I might take cuttings of all the varieties of coleus,… Continue reading Tip of the Day

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Spring Forward

Wave goodbye to winter with a little spring-cleaning — in your garden that is. I couldn’t have asked for better weather for doing just that this past weekend. Here are some tips for waking up your garden in the spring: Do overseed your lawn and put some grass seed down. Spring and fall are the best times… Continue reading Spring Forward

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Organic lawn management

Organic Gardening Magazine had a terrific article, The Dark Side of Lawns recently that covered all the great reasons why you should refrain from using the various synthetic fertilizers on your lawn. I found the discussion on “weed and feed” practices particularly relevant. The situation gets worse with the widely popular “weed and feed” products… Continue reading Organic lawn management