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Growing Green Golf Course Grass

Here is my recipe for golf course grass (organic of course).  I learned this method of growing grass from my dad, who is known for his beautiful putting green yards.


  • 1 bag of high traffic grass seed
  • 1 bag of sun and shade grass seed
  • 1 bag of shade grass seed
  • 2 bags of organic garden soil
  • 2 bags of sand

(Madisonians, you can find the orgainic garden soil ($1.99/bag) and sand ($0.99/bag)at Johansson’s and they load it into your car for you!)

In a wheel barrow, combine 1/2 bag of each grass seed with one bag of the dirt and one bag of the sand, mix well and apply throughout your lawn – filling in bare and trouble spots.  It is best to apply to a wet saturated lawn.  You can either apply it after a good rain or a good afternoon of your kids running through the sprinkler.  Repeat the process with the remaining seed, soil and sand, 2 to 3 weeks later after you see where the grass neglected to come up.

Watering is also key to growing lush green, grass. Water conservation is not my greenest strength, I am a work in progress. Tips for this would be emptying your de-humidifier, which is liquid gold, installing and using a rain barrel, and taking advantage of mother nature and doing this process during a rainy week.  Let me know if you have any questions!!

One thought on “Growing Green Golf Course Grass

  1. OK Melissa, we are going to try this on our sad lawn! The hubby did the rototill yesterday so it is all ready. I am so glad we got to chat at school, you (and your blog) are exactly what I needed! Happy Mom’s Day! 🙂

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