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December is no excuse. Treat yourself to more flowers.

Thrilled to be announcing that I will be offering for the first time a Winter Flower Share. A few of my Summer Flower Share members requested flowers in winter, saying they wanted flowers around just as much if not more in the winter than in the summer.

Flowers can be picked up or delivered at no extra charge and can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Email me soon and we’ll figure out the right package and schedule.

I  am also busy  stuffing pots and window boxes with evergreens right now.  Email me if your boxes or planters need some love – there is no off-season for plants in our lives.

Also, if you’re struggling to find gifts for your friends and loved ones, I do offer gift certificates for any or all of my flower share and garden services. I’ve already had a couple of elves contact me about purchasing them for their special someone. A great gift idea for yourself – or someone you care about!

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