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Decorating your home for Marla

I’ve been getting so many great compliments from friends, neighbors and readers about the seasonal pots on my front porch. I loved putting them together, but I’m smitten with the reaction. So I want to share them! And hopefully, I can contribute to a great cause along the way.

My husband’s sister was recently diagnosed with Gliomatosis Cerebri. A hideous form of brain cancer that is rare and difficult to treat. For my sister-in-law, the symptoms didn’t manifest themselves until very late, and she and her family are being robbed of a great life. She is one of the most wonderful and caring people I know, and I feel helpless watching her struggle with the treatment.

So I’ve decided to give away the pots to the highest bidder and donate the funds to a local organization, HEADRUSH, a non-profit that is helping to fund brain tumor research. The proceeds from the auction directly benefit the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center in the form of a Brain Tumor Research Professorship Award.


I hope I can use my love for gardening and planting to make some kind of difference. No matter how small. I hope you can use this opportunity to not only decorate your home with some great looking pots, but also contribute to a great cause. Interested? Here’s how to get started… I’ve posted the pots on EBay.



Here are some details about the pots…
  • The pots themselves are lifers that you’ll enjoy for years to come. They are sturdy, black aluminum.
  • The pots are 17 inches tall and 17 inches square at the top with a tapered base.
  • As decorated, the pots are about five feet tall and 34 inches wide.
  • Each pot comes with its own set of LED twig lights. Literally, lights in the shape of twigs.

Photo by Amy Windsor

One thought on “Decorating your home for Marla

  1. This is wonderful! I’m so sorry to hear about your sister in law! God bless her and all of her family. I know this is such a hard, hard time. Love wins. Always love.
    Donna Boucher

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