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Whether planting a flat of snapdragons or a new Japenese Maple, I always double-dig. While this is a practice that has been debated in the horticulture world, I have had much success by double-digging–and no failures.

Double-digging 101: When digging a hole to plant, dig it twice as big as necessary and then backfill with both the old dirt and some good, new dirt like compost/humus or (my favorite) a $1.99 bag of organic soil from Johannsen’s.

So, to double-dig or not to double-dig? Why don’t you try it and see if it makes a difference in your garden!

One thought on “Double-Digging

  1. I think double-digging is a great idea–specially if you have clay soil. It gives the roots a better chance to grow. Love, Grandma

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