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Mel’s Green Garden – Tip of the Day

Example of a Pear Tree in espalier form photo taken at Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard

If you want healthy trees and shrubs, this is the best time of year to prune. Just be careful not to take off blossoms.

For example, I will be leaving my lilacs alone; and since most hydrangeas blossom on old wood, I will leave them alone too. Mind you, if they needed it (if they were getting too big or crowding out other plantings), I would have to sacrifice some blooms and just do it. But this year my spring pruning to-do list is to prune and stake my pear trees, which I am growing flat to my garage wall in espalier form. I also need to tackle my William Baffin Climbing Rose. With no shortage of blossoms on that one, I can prune away to my heart’s content.

One thought on “Mel’s Green Garden – Tip of the Day

  1. Thanks to Michie’s Master Gardener’s class on pruning, we undertook some major trimming this past weekend. Big improvement!

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