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Tip of the Day – Use Autumn Joy to fill gaps

Have a spot you need to fill in your perennial bed?  Not sure where to start?  Autumn Joy looks great everywhere I put it, and after 6 years it is everywhere in my garden.

I have managed to divide this gem of a plant into almost every area of my yard, front and back.  It is really easy to divide and move around, which is what makes it such a great problem-solver when you need to fill gaps in your gardening landscape. And it helps that it is hardy in both sun and shade!

I used to exclusively plant it in the back of the border but have recently experimented in the front as well. I like this the best because of its lasting, seasonal flexibility with color. In the summer, it is a beautiful green and then in the fall it transitions to a show-stopper burgundy.

The Autumn Joy’s flexibility extends to floral arrangements as well. I routinely add it to the bouquets in my flower share service – both as a green filler in the summer as well as adding some texture and dark red colors to bouquets in the Fall.

So the next time you have a gap to fill, try the Autumn Joy!

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