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Garden Expo

The first year I attended Garden Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, I felt like I’d struck gold. There were so many classes offered by talented, passionate gardeners. It was like all of the books I had read and gardening shows I had watched came alive all in one place for three days. I only wished I had known about it sooner.

This year I hope to make it over to Garden Expo as much as possible in between kids’ basketball games and family weekend life.

I hope to catch the following classes:

On Friday at 3:30–Super Duper Annuals by Mark Dwyer of Rotary Botanical Gardens. I have been to many of Mark’s talks over the years and find his knowledge, talent, and taste to be superior. He is also a great public speaker. I really learn a lot and take home many ideas to implement in my clients’ planters and gardens. Then at 4:45, Innovations for Indoor Gardens.

I hope to wake up Saturday in time to make the 10:30 seminar, Starting and Maintaining a Thriving Organic Vegetable Garden by Joe Lamp’l from the TV show Growing a Greener World. I want to get ideas from this class for the school garden I help with as well as my Shorewood garden and backyard garden. Then after grabbing a cup of coffee and checking out the other part of Garden Expo, all of the vendors and plants, I plan to go to the 11:45 class, Create a Stunning Front Yard & Entryway for All to Enjoy, by Melinda Myers, in hopes of getting more fresh ideas for my clients’ homes and my own. Then on to Secrets Behind Creating the Perfect TV Garden at 1:00, again with Joe Lamp’l, because that is a life goal of mine–having my own TV gardening show. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!?!?? Then I’ll end the most perfect day with the 3:30 class, Color Theory in Garden Design by Benjamin Futa of Allen Centennial Garden. (Allen Centennial Garden is near and dear to my heart as I spend every Mother’s Day there with my family.)

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I hope to head back to Garden Expo on Sunday at 2:00 to hear my former Master Gardener teacher, Lisa Johnson of UW-Extension Dane County, talk about growing tomatoes. I’d also really like to catch the 10:15 Gardening for Hummingbirds before Lisa’s class because I love hummingbirds. They remind me of Palm Desert, California, because I always see so many on our vacations there. Best. Vacations. Ever.


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