School Gardens

Planting Gardeners

I love all aspects of my job: the creating, designing, mulching, planting, weeding, and garden coaching. But what I love most is planting seeds, literally and figuratively. Obviously, I love to create gardens. But I also love to help create gardeners, whether it’s a kid in the school garden or a client.


And I love my clients. One of my favorites (and they’re all my favorites 🙂 ) recently made my day. Some background first: We designed and planted her front garden together. Then she designed, created, and planted her backyard garden herself. She loves gardening so much, she even mentioned that a favorite summer date with her husband was going to Olbrich Botanical Gardens.


So how did she make my day? With this quote: “I’m planting a butterfly garden at Colin’s school! I never would have done this if it weren’t for you:).”


To have shared the happiness gardening brings me with another human being = #purejoy

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