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February 2017 To-Do

February To-Do List

2. Go to Garden Expo
3. Vacuum indoor houseplants with garage vac
4. Write hits and misses from 2016 for school garden and personal garden
5. Write more blog posts to share ideas with as many peeps as possible
6. Scour gardening catalogs and magazines–favorites: Jung’s, Seed Savers, Fine Gardening, Wisconsin Gardening, and domino
7. Plan MGG 2017–definitely will be planting more dinner plate dahlias in 2017
8. Buy potted hyacinths at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s for instant happiness
9. Travel for ideas and inspiration: Chicago (Restoration Hardware);
Austin, Texas; and my favorite place in the whole wide world–Ironwood in Palm Desert, California
10. Take care of house projects to free up as much time as possible when snow melts. So far, I have painted my kitchen, family room, new room, upstairs bathroom ceiling, and halfway through upstairs bathroom cabinets and walls. I need to finish the upstairs bathroom and then on to painting the upstairs hallway and touching up kitchen cabinets that have chipped. I love painting almost as much as gardening, although I’m not as good at it.
11. Start pruning and cleaning up yard as much as our Wisconsin winter will allow 12. Continue to hose ice rink for kids in backyard–brrrr
13. Continue to get weekly bee shots to overcome this obstacle of a bee allergy that is interfering in my life
14. Enjoy every single minute because life is unpredictable!!!!

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