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Tip of the Day – More on Rooting

I love creating the feel of a garden indoors. Especially in the winter. It can be tough surviving the long Wisconsin winters! One way I do this is to experiment and take new cuttings of my indoor plants to see what will root.  There is a lot of gratification to be had growing new plants. It is a fun way to expand your summer garden and/or share plants with friends and neighbors.


As I’ve talked about previously, I’ve had success with herbs – rosemary, basil and thyme – but I’ve also enjoyed success with coleus, geraniums, and christmas cactus. I just simply take a piece of the plant, pull off any leaves, except for the tip-top ones and put it in a glass container in a sunny spot.  Save your baby food jars, Fizzy Izze bottles, olive jars, pasta sauce jars.  Any glass jar works great for rooting and it is nice to have different sizes for different sized cuttings.


Typically, growing plants will migrate from a jar to a potting, and finally out to the ground. But things don’t always work out this way. One year, I ended up on bedrest for most of the year and was never able to pot up my cuttings.  The cuttings wound up going straight from my jars to the yard and they turned out great.  So……if you don’t have time to pot them up, no sweat.


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