Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day – Indoor Grass!

Better than any toy, a fun activity for kids of ALL ages to beat any case of cabin fever: Grab a terracotta pot, cheap, 50 cents, Ace, Home Depot, Johannsen’s; let the kids paint the pots to their liking with washable paint; we like Crayola washable paint. The pots will dry very fast; then pot them up with potting soil and sprinkle on some grass seed; water well. Within just a few days, the green grass will appear. Keep scissors nearby for the kids to mow the pots; this is Emma’s favorite part. This is an especially great activity when it is so brown outside.

***Important note: Finding potting soil and grass seed free of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers can be tricky, so read the labels or ask for help at the store.

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