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Houseplants – Indoor gardening – Part 1

I must humbly confess, I have not always had a green thumb.  I killed every single plant I brought into our Boston apartment on Beacon Hill when we were first married.  15 years later, I know what I did wrong:  I over watered them. You will kill more houseplants from over watering than you will from… Continue reading Houseplants – Indoor gardening – Part 1

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Stretching Your Garden Dollar

Stretching Your Garden Dollar . . . Four things you can do now to stretch your garden dollar are divide mature perennials; take cuttings to root before the first killing frost, which looks like this Sunday; bring outdoor plants inside for the winter before the first killing frost; and collect seeds. Dividing Perennials This is a… Continue reading Stretching Your Garden Dollar

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Fall… three tasks for a great looking spring garden

A productive fall in the garden is the key to an outstanding looking garden in the spring. Propagation Fall is the best time for propagation here in Wisconsin.  Dividing can be challenging because it is hard to dig into a good looking garden knowing it won’t look so good after a division is made.  But who… Continue reading Fall… three tasks for a great looking spring garden

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Tip of the Day – July is not too late to plant seeds

If your summer is flying by and you haven’t gotten to everything on your to do list, it is not too late to plant seeds.  July is actually an optimal time as the ground is warm and the daytime and nightime temperatures are warm so your seeds will germinate faster and your plants will grow… Continue reading Tip of the Day – July is not too late to plant seeds