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Tip of the Day – July is not too late to plant seeds

If your summer is flying by and you haven’t gotten to everything on your to do list, it is not too late to plant seeds.  July is actually an optimal time as the ground is warm and the daytime and nightime temperatures are warm so your seeds will germinate faster and your plants will grow very well.

Starting from seeds can be a very successful way to plant in one’s garden.  Some seeds to try this time of year are basil, old-fashioned vining petunias, nasturiums and radishes.   I learned that radishes will produce within 20 days from seed, so you will be able to eat your radishes by the end of July.  I plant seeds continually throughout the summer until the middle of August and have had success with this.

Planting seeds in stages is a great way to keep your garden looking fresh.

3 thoughts on “Tip of the Day – July is not too late to plant seeds

  1. I was feeling so behind and frustrated until I read this reminder from you. Thanks!! And now back to my planting (seeds, what else?)–

  2. What other vegetables can you plant besides radishes? Is July too hot to plant broccoli, onions, or squash? Also are any of these good for growing in containers? Thanks!

    1. It all depends on your zone. Basil is a great herb to plant from seed now for a 2nd crop. I still have a lot to plant that I just haven’t gotten too, so I am going to plant knowing everything will germinate faster in this heat and hoping for a late frost!

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