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Paperwhite and Amaryllis Bulbs – Forcing Bulbs Indoors

  Paperwhites and amaryllis bulbs are two terrific bulbs to force indoors with very little effort and very low maintenance.  I have forced both indoors for over 11 years with a 0% failure rate. I have bought these bulbs everywhere from White Flower Farm and Johannsen’s to Sam’s Club, Home Dept and Target.  They are usually all… Continue reading Paperwhite and Amaryllis Bulbs – Forcing Bulbs Indoors

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Elephant Ears

Elephant Ears (or Colocasia) are one of my favorite tropical plants and make an excellent addition to any home.  Elephant ears are very easy to grow, they come in several sizes and varieties, and you can take them in and out of the house depending on the season! Don’t be afraid to garden outside your… Continue reading Elephant Ears