Right Plant, Right Place . . . yada yada . . .


Let me save you the $$$  I’ve wasted making this mistake. Yes, I figured I was the invincible gardener, thinking “outside the box” and “creatively” planting Annabelle hydrangeas in the hottest of full-sun areas and dinner-plate dahlias in the shadiest of spots.  My years of gardening have taught me to be more realistic and less optimistic and to read the label on the plant.

If it says full sun, you must plant it in a sunny spot, a spot that gets 4 to 6 hours a day of sun. There are a few plants out there that are more versatile, e.g. elephant ears. Oh, what a great idea for another blog. I can think of several versatile plants–oops, tangent–look for more on that one later.

For now, remember: when it says shade, it really wants shade; and when the label says full sun, it really does need that sunshine to grow and thrive.  The trickier label is partial shade or partial sun, but in that case, maybe not your sunniest or your shadiest spot.

I guarantee, if you give the plant what it requires, it will not disappoint!

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