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Chicken Mama

The idea of getting chickens was daunting.  How could I possibly take on one more mouth to feed and more poop to pick up? But my family really wanted them so I did what I do best: I caved. And it was the most joyful, happy, easy, fun experience of 2012–for each and every family member, dog included.

Yes, it was fun for all of us, and my husband deserves full credit. See his blog for more chicken poop, er, scoop.

He built the coop under the tree house he constructed a few years ago. He picked up the chickens in Door County, and one even laid an egg in the minivan on the way home. He procured all the food, straw, and everything else needed to house chickens.

The experience for Mel’s Green Garden’s was super fun in so many ways. Having kids with a wide age span has presented challenges, but with chickens, the 4-year-old and 9-year-old could collect eggs and feed the chickens as much as the 13-year-old. Even the dog grew to like them and hung out in the yard side-by-side with them.

From my perspective, they did little damage to my garden, and I enjoyed watching them from my kitchen windows. They were like beautiful artwork in the garden. By the end, I was the one driving across town to Fleet Farm for more chicken feed.

My dad just returned them a few weeks ago to the farmer we got them from in Door County, as we are not equipped to host them over the winter, and I miss the fresh eggs and the beautiful creatures pecking about in my garden. I’m looking forward to continuing my love affair with chickens in Spring 2013 with . . . baby chicks! Trying something new, that’s what it’s all about!  To quote one of my favorite aunts, “Isn’t life delicious?”

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