Birdscaping · Outdoor


I strive to be humble, but I’m just going to come out and say it: Birds love me. But I didn’t realize until 10 years into gardening that the feeling is mutual.

Here are 4 tips to make your garden and yard more attractive to birds:

1.  Grow  A LOT of plants and flowers. This is how I stumbled upon my love of birds–my love of flowers.

2.  Give them a place to perch. This can be done easily by creating a tepee of three tall bamboo poles tied at the top.

3.  Give them a spot to nest. We have hung up several birdhouses throughout our yard, from the birdhouse gourd my daughter
painted in kindergarden to the UW birdhouse my parents gave us. We are always delighted each spring to see a momma bird tending to her young’uns. Better entertainment than TV.

4.  Give them water. Especially in this current summer 2012 Madison, Wisconsin, drought, birds need water. A bird bath is essential for birdscaping.  You can make one simply by taking a terra-cotta pot and turning it over with the saucer on top.

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