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Top 10 Reasons You Should Add a Hydrangea Limelight to Your Garden

Top 10 Reasons You Should Add a Hydrangea Limelight to Your Garden

1. A shrub that could pass for a beautiful perennial, it really adds to any perennial border.
2. They are extremely low-maintenance.
3. They have a super-long blooming period, from the 2nd week of July until the first frost.
4. They make a gorgeous cut flower and are a great addition to any bouquet, as they are a neutral color.
5. They’re extremely easy to grow in many different conditions. They grow exceptionally well in my garden, both in full sun and a significant amount of shade. I have 6 hydrangea limelights that stretch from the shadiest part of my garden under my large pine tree to the sunnier spots.
6. They look extraordinary just placed in a large pot. Then, after enjoying them all summer, you can place them in their permanent home in your yard in the fall.
7. This is the decade for the HYDRANGEA, so you can find them everywhere, I have bought them at Costco for $19.99, Whole Foods for $12 and Johannsen’s Greenhouse for $29. I have also seen them at Felly’s Flowers, The Bruce Company, Jung Garden Center and Winterland Nursery.
8. They make an impressive privacy hedge.
9. They look magnificent next to a plethora of flowers and perennials. In fact, they look magnificent next to anything and everything. I have some next to large black elephant ears and another next to zebra grass, and some are next to red monarda.
10. No yard is complete without an outstanding hydrangea limelight!

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